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  1. 4-8 Sausages (any kind will do as long as it fits in the wrap.)
    4 Tunnbrod, swedish thin bread, substitute with any kind of wrapping bread if you can’t find.
    1 Onion (or roasted onion flakes.)
    1 Tomato
    100 grams (2.2 pounds) Salad, preferably iceberg lettuce.

    Butter for frying

    Serve with Mustard and Mashed Potatoes

    1. Slice the onion into rings, slice the salad also. Make the potato-mash.

    2. Fry the sausages together with the butter until golden. Put two spoons of the mashed potatoes on every tunnbrod. Also add shrimp salad or majonnasgurka aswell as lettuce and onions rings. Top with one or two sausages, ketchup and mustard. Roll it together enjoy!

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